Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Dear Libby,

You were born the day after Halloween. I had been so looking forward to witnessing your birth, that I left a slumber party early so I could go to the hospital. I was so disappointed when I learned that I couldn't watch you make your grand entrance after all! But I'm so glad you made it out alive :)

I was 12 years old, and I so enjoyed holding you and singing to you. We had to wash up with special Phisoderm soap before we could hold you in our laps while sitting on the couch. Did we actually wear shower caps?!

We used to sing, "When it's Libby Libby Libby on your lap lap lap, you won't want to put her down for her nap nap nap!" Do you remember the jingle from the canned food commercial? ("When it's Libby's Libby's Libby's on the label label label you will love it love it love it on the table table table!").

I used to love dancing around the room with you in my arms when you were a little bit bigger, but still a baby. I think the music and motion calmed you down better than anything (when Mom wasn't home, that is).

You used to love to hold Mom's soft knit t-shirts, and you had a special place in all our hearts, because you were the soft little baby with the big blue eyes and dark brown hair.

I remember once I arrived at the church after a week of being away at Young Women's camp, to find that Mom and Dad were not there to pick me up. They had made arrangements for the Bennett family to take me home with them instead, because you were in the hospital. I think that was when you had swallowed a dime, and had to have it removed. What a miracle that the little coin, just the right size to choke you, hung vertically in your esophagus for weeks, even while you coughed every night!

Or was that the time that you had pneumonia? You had your scares and trials in those early months, and we are so grateful that you pulled through so healthy and strong.

Then before you know it, I was away at BYU, and would write you letters, and you wrote me back. You were starting elementary when I was starting college. I think I still have some of those pictures and notes. You were so loved by Grannie.

I remember when you and D were engaged, and then your wedding. Mom came from the bride's room in the temple and told us (me and L, I think) that you looked just like a queen. We have lots of good pictures of you and D outside the temple, and of the whole party.

You and I only attended two of the same schools, and years apart. It's been so good to be back home, closer to you, to be a little part of your life. You've been a wonderful aunt to our children, who adore you and now your family, too. I'm so happy for you, that you have such a beautiful son and loving husband.

I admire your honesty and strength. You're generous and talented! I love hearing you and D sing together . . . we should have another sing-along. Remember staying up late when we all still lived in Utah? Playing games, pigging out, and singing songs . . . those were the days!


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