Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bookworm Award Meme

I found this meme on a cool blog called
book:thirty Time to Read
which I found thru Dallas' whose I found thru Naomi's, and anyway, I chose to join in the fun.

This is how it goes. Pick up the book closest to you, and turn to page 56. Then copy the 5th sentence, and the following 2-5 sentences. (Poetic license says I can count any way I choose ;)) Then post those lines, and tag 5 blogfriends. Feel free to post in the comments here below, and/or in your own blog, and let me know if, and where, you do.

My closest couple of books were too short, so I pulled Milton Lomask's The Spirit of 1787 The Making of our Constitution down and found a page 56!

This has been a fun excuse to pick a book off the shelf that I would probably never have read otherwise :)

"Our sufferings," a 1787 Fourth of July orator told his Massachusetts audience, "have arisen from a deeper foundation than the deficiency of a single constitution. Even if Massachusetts had a perfect government, he said, its citizens would still be plagued by troubles "should our National Independence remain deprived of its proper federal authority."
Here was the voice of Federalism rising in a land that ony a year before had been almost entirely Antifederalist.
So swift was the change in public opinion during 1786 that historians tend to disagree as to which of the three larger developments of that year brought it about.
Was it the ferocious battle of words on the floor of the Congress over the Jay-Gardoqui treaty negotiations?
Was it the action-the daring action-of a few nation-minded men in the closing hours of the Annapolis Convention?
Was it the armed outbreak in rural New England known to us as Shay's Rebellion?
Or was it-as logic suggests-all three?

This selection seems appropos at this time of political activity and interest and unrest. So now I tag my blogfriends:

Libby at Homemaker to the Rescue!
Sonny at firstsons
Sue at borrowedlight

Have fun y'all!

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