Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little People Crack Me Up!

Playing Rummikub with Louella today, I was sitting on the floor. We were using a little exercise trampoline as our game table. I guess my spread-eagle stance (avoiding the tramp's legs) made my knee visible to her.

Louella: {Gasp} what happened to your knee?
Me: I think it's warts.
Louella: What are warts?
Me: They're like what's on my knee... And that, my dear, is circular reasoning.
Louella: What's circular reasoning?
Me: OK, circular reasoning is like if I asked you, 'What's your name?' and you tell me, 'Louella,' and then I ask you, 'What is Louella?' and you say, 'It's my name,' and then I ask you, 'What's a name?'

Louella, blue eyes sparkling, smiles a very smart smile.

We keep playing. I'm reinforcing counting, colors, order, matching . . . and she says, "Mom, what is Louella?" with a great big smile on her face.


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charrette said...

So bright!

Hey, thanks so much for dropping by and commenting yesterday. It was great to hear from you!

Sonny said...

Love it! Sometimes it takes a child to show fresh reasoning in what we have stopped learning from.