Friday, September 5, 2008

Blazy* Lately, But Repentant Now

It's September!!!
I'm forty years old now.

I celebrated with my family (way too much ice cream! and some fun, cutting the rug in our living room), and I had fun the next day, discovering Bed Bath and Beyond with my mom. Ever the thoughtful gift-giver, she gave us a whole new set of my favorite flatware (Thanks, MOM!), and took me out to lunch for my favorite fajitas, and to BBAB.

Kids are back in school, and work has been ebbing.

Two of our kiddos were assigned to do an "All About Me"-type of project.

Here's my version.


eagle-eyed editor who loves to dance

Will proofread and procrastinate if given the chance

Loves letters, lingo, language, and to sing and prance

Blessed beyond belief, but seeking better balance

* See Naomi's blog @

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