Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Did You Just Say?

You know how sometimes, when you hear somebody say something, you just have to say, "WHAT?!?!"

Even though you're sure you heard what you heard, you just have to ask.

Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's shocking, and sometimes it's just plain original.

I don't usually read my horoscope, but if I did, I'm pretty sure this week or last, it would say something like:

Hold on, buckle up tight, and open your ears. You will get lots of bad news and strange surprises! If you tell the truth, and just try to show love to those around you, you just might find yourself showered with more loving kindness than you know what to do with.

First thing this morning, my 2-y-o said, "Please get the booger outta my nose."

And if that weren't cute enough, later, when I held her on my lap and asked if she was hungry, she answered, "I'm hungry for your milk," all while doing this darling move where she tilts her head to the side, shrugging her shoulders, and slid her hands up to my shoulders.

At church on Sunday, I was nursing this darling in the mother's lounge/ladies' room, when a probably 5-y-o cutie pie I used to teach in Primary (kinda like a junior Sunday school) came in to use the bathroom. She asked what my daughter was doing.

I said, "She's nursing. I'm feeding her." Since Cutie Pie is the youngest in her family, I wasn't sure she knew about nursing babies.

Cutie Pie said, "She's old to be doing that."

I loved hearing her say just exactly what she thought. Notice she did not say "TOO old", just "old". And she's right.

Last night at the dinner table, my 6-y-o special daughter said, "Thank you Mommy" and "Thank you Daddy" several times. Every time she said it, I was like, "Awwww!"

How sweet it is to hear these precious darlings' sweet signs of gratitude!

Just now, she woke up and started humming. The first thing she said was, "Mommy, I love you."

Sometimes I wonder if my sweet little girls are whispered to by the angels, to know just what to say, and just when to say it.

Lately, I've heard a lot of bad news, and I've been so tired of the excessive drama going on around me.

Just yesterday, I barely made it home in my vintage station wagon, with 3 overheated daughters (2 of whom were excessively whiny, by the way), after having traveled the wrong way, on the wrong road, for way too long, and the poor car was overheating for about an hour before we got home. We were sad, hot, tired, and hungry, and we had to use the bathroom!

We had been inside for maybe 10 minutes when my hubby came home with the news that his car was dying, and he'd had to use some gutsy daredevil driving tricks to get himself and his car home, too.

So the rest of the day was spent indoors, where we enjoyed our air conditioning, being together, and the tender, spontaneous offerings of love and affection from our little darlings. 

Yeah, I'm choosing to focus on the positive. I thought that was a better direction than gritching about the obnoxiousness of teens and ancient vehicles.

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