Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Walk Swiftly, and Carry a Fire Hose

When dealing with a special child, you might find yourself using unique techniques.  I have a 6-year-old daughter, for example, who will do anything to run away. She has attempted to climb out of 2nd-story windows, and she has unlocked locks, locked us in, and climbed the fence. We propped heavy objects against the gate, and she climbed over that. Tired of running down the street, chasing a sometimes naked, sometimes cat-strangling, but always faster-than-me, 6-year-old, I finally got smart. When I knew she was attempting to climb the gate again, I stood in the front yard, holding my very powerful sprayer hose, pointed at the gate. I gave her one warning before blasting her. Every time her little hands re-appeared, I sent another blast. Sometimes she yelled, sometimes she squealed . . . but she always got wet . . . and she was soooo persistent! I almost ruined my strategy by telling her that I was getting tired of standing there . . . but I held my tongue, and held the sprayer. Viva la garden tools!

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Jen said...

Hi this is jen, you commented on my blog about my book! Honestly it makes me a tad nervous to let people read it, but it needs to be done! :) Also, it makes me nervous because you say you are a born editor, but this could be helpful to me. So yes I would love to invite you to read it. I only ask that you don't really share it. I'm not published yet-- and sharing it over the net also makes me nervous. As you can see I'm a wreck! Ha! Just kidding. Thanks for your interest. I appreciate it. I'll email you are invite today.